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Delicious Salmon Belly sushi.

Phat Boys Sushi and Kitchen…Welcome to Coral Springs Fl.

Posted on October 16th, 2020

I went to Phat Boys Sushi in Coral Springs with a group of friends. I normally avoid newly opened places but my it was my buddy and Dan I Cook Food Agent David Lesser’s birthday. He and his wife Samantha Lesser another Dan I Cook Food Agent 💪🏽 wanted to check it out along with […]

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Blacken dolphin with red bean and rice with Cajun green beans

Crawdaddy’s in Jensen Beach Florida. A Cajun Dream!

Posted on October 11th, 2020

Cajun food I just love it! Since Shuck and Dive is the only place in Broward that serves it I don’t eat it. I hate their stupid no cell phone policy. After I was rudely spoken too by a server while I was on a business call, to get off my phone, I’ve never been […]

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Who Has the Best Of Deck Style Oven Cheese Take Out Pizza in Coral Springs? The Dan I Cook Food Agents Will Find Out.

Posted on March 26th, 2020

Who Has the Best Of Deck Style Oven Take Out Cheese Pizza in Coral Springs? The Dan I Cook Food Agents Will Find Out. To be fair, I had to break down the pizza categories so we compare apples to apples. There are basically three ways of cooking pizza; On a conveyor belt like Domino’s […]

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Dan I. Cook Hidden Treasure……….The Hash Browns at the Metro Diner in Coral Springs Fl.

Posted on December 29th, 2018

Dan I Cook’s Hidden Treasure….The Hash-Browns at the Metro Diner in Coral Springs Fl. Staying true to my word, I am not writing about any restaurants unless they are Four Beers. The days of writing about new places opening are over.  All the other blogs can do that crap. I will tell you this, if I […]

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WAWA Gas Station: NO Pictures Allowed!

Posted on March 16th, 2018

WAWA Gas Station…. All Hype No Substance! Hey did you hear WAWA is coming to South Florida? I’m so excited! They have the best coffee and super friendly service, too! Oh boy, do I just love the sub sandwiches! They make their own bread and everything is so fresh including their salads. BLAH BLAH BLAH! […]

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1000 Degrees and Frank’s Hot Sauce are Teaming Up for a Wing Challenge!

Posted on December 21st, 2017

  Aloha Folks! I got permission to repost this advertisement on my blog. I find watching eating challenges to be entertaining. I’ve had a couple friends do a hot wings challenge in Ft. Lauderdale several years ago and it was funny as hell. It was funny because I was watching and not eating. My buddies […]

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