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I was walking down the chip aisle in my neighborhood Publix when I came across Smartfood Flamin’ Hot® White Cheddar Popcorn. I usually don’t go out of my way to buy popcorn because I like to pop it fresh. What intrigued me was the flavor,  Flamin’ Hot® White Cheddar. I’m a fan of Flamin’ Hot® and the mix of white cheddar sounded tasty, so I bought a bag.



I get home and the bag of popcorn goes into my junk food cabinet. Like a lot of you out there, I buy new flavored chips and don’t get around to trying them for days or sometimes a week. Time passes and finally decide to taste it.  I opened the bag and all the popcorn has the orange/red color that only comes from Flamin’ Hot® products. Smartfood Popcorn always has a nice size to it too. Not sure if it being air popped is the reason or what, but the popcorn seems bigger than other brands. I take a handful and plop them in my mouth. As I start to chew I get the familiar heat from the Flamin’ Hot® which is standard. What I didn’t expect was the white cheddar taste. $hit this tastes damn good. Not wanting to turn my hands and fingers red/orange I place a bunch of popcorn in a red solo cup. This easy hack prevents the weird coloring from getting everywhere. The more I shoved the popcorn in my mouth the more I was digging it. It was very addicting and I was loving the taste. Mind you I’m not a huge popcorn fan. I prefer Doritos or Ruffles. Something about the flavors combined with the soft texture of biting the popcorn was intoxicating.


I’m going to give this snack an easy Beers. Give them a try and tell me what you think and Stay Hungry!

Four beers = Outstanding
Three beers = Good
Two beers = OK
One beer = Needs work
Zero beers= Sucks (No beer is never a good thing.)



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