Dan I Cook is Back!

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I’m Back!

I came back from a self imposed retirement for one reason, the COVID-19 Virus.  People have been asking me for awhile now, am I gonna start writing again and do this or that. My answer was, “I’m retired”. Getting off the train I created was very important to me. It got to the point that I closed my Facebook account in November 2019.  Meanwhile, I was feeling pretty content having a tiny social footprint.  Then this virus started becoming news and got bigger and bigger. Restaurants that I love were closing or switched to Take Out only. Like a lot of us who dine out often, I couldn’t believe my eyes. My heart was breaking and i’m not joking. In my mind there was nothing I could do except protect my family and loved ones. Then out of the the blue my friend Ron M. , whom I met because of my food articles,  reached out to me via twitter (which I barley use) and sent me this, “Hey Dan…missing you on FB right now.  Local restaurants are struggling.  I just posted in the old Food Agents group encouraging people to list places that are offering take-out and delivery.  Wish you would consider coming out of retirement for a short time!”

His message hit me like a ton of bricks. I can do more to help the community I live in. Ron M. gave a good slap in the face that was long overdue. I was tired of being in law enforcement for almost 30 years so I retired.  I was tired of being the master of ceremonies by hosting dinners, organizing Best Of contests and writing in general, so…I retired.

Now with all this $hit is going on Ron M. reminded me now is not the time to be retired. Now is the time to help even if it is a little bit. Businesses and folks are struggling and now is not the time for me to be content. Now is the time for action.  I want to thank Ron M. and everyone else before him that wanted me to get back on this train. I’m here to entertain, spread love to as many businesses I can and just be a good citizen.

So What’s Next

First up, I have a Best Of Deck Style Oven Cheese Pizza in Coral Springs coming up. My updated Dan I Cook Food Agents will start their mission on Friday.  I plan on writing some hidden treasures articles, too. As of now, I not getting back into writing full restaurant reviews. If something peaks my interest I’ll do one but i’m not gonna be “that guy” who reviews every new joint that opens up…Other writers can do that. Now, if I get word a place opens up and pumps out food that blows my mind I’ll do it. Last local restaurant that did that for me was The Cook and Cork.

Once the restaurants open back up I’ll probably host some dinners like I used, too.

Good to be back, make sure you press like/share, keep your families safe and lastly Stay Hungry!

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  1. CarolAnn says:

    Nice to see you my friend