Covid-19 SUCKS But Be Nice To Others!

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View from Southport Raw Bar

View from Southport Raw Bar

Covid-19 SUCKS So be Nice!

Now is not the time to leave negative reviews or comments on businesses that are open. Pretend like there is no Facebook, TripAdvisor, Yelp or Twitter to fucking complain. Complain the old fashion way, if just can’t keep yourself from complaining in the first place, by speaking to the manager.  Every negative comment someone posts out of frustration can make or break a business right now. These folks that are still open are risking their own lives by serving us and, yes, they are serving us folks. If they weren’t open things would so be much worse. The workers are tired, stressed out, not making the tips they used to and you complaining only fucks up a bad situation all ready. So be patient, appreciative, friendly and don’t be an asshole.

Be Quick To Praise Slow To Criticize!

As a Law Enforcement Sergeant for almost 22 years the above title/motto is what I lived by as a leader. Whenever my employees did something great I always made sure to praise them right away.  Humans need to receive praise because we are not robots. If anyone tells you they don’t need to be thanked or praised they are a damn liar.

Now if a complaint rolled in I made sure to look at all the facts before criticizing or reprimanding anyone. This was way before body cameras were around. If the complaint was really bad it went to IA.  If it was a basic service complaint we as Sergeants would investigate it. I made sure I got all the facts before I did anything or recommended any punishment. That’s called doing the right thing. I suggest when you get pissed off about some business serving lousy food or poor service be slow to click that “Post” button until you get all the facts.

True Story

I was assigned as a Sergeant to the Fort Lauderdale Hollywood International Airport right after 9/11. Before 9/11 the airport assignment was a retirement gig. No heaving lifting just one last stop before retirement. Well all that changed with 9/11. The airport became the epicenter of our county. My department started transferring new leaders and deputies to the airport to increase staff. I volunteered to go there because I knew my expertise with special operations might come in handy over there. So off I went from the town I grew up in and worked for almost 13 years, Oakland Park, to a new place. I didn’t know many people at all, maybe 5 people max when we were deploying approximately 50 deputies a shift. When I got there the deputies had been working with no days off with extended hours for about a month. They were tired, stressed out and burned out. 

One day I was doing my rounds checking security posts and I caught a deputy sleeping in his car. Yes, this was not good especially given the height of fear at the time. What I did and said to the deputy was simple but went a long way. I woke him up and and he was startled, nervous, and apologetic. First thing I said to him calmly was, “Are you alright?”. He preceded to tell me he was tired from working so much. I didn’t know this guy at all and never met him before I got stationed there. I asked if he needed some coffee or for me to send over a relief to give him a break, I think this kinda shocked him but he said no. I then told him if he ever got tired again to call me so I could send relief to him. He said thank you and the last thing I said to him was, “Don’t let me catch you sleeping on post again”, and I left. Did I write him up? Nope. Did I tell my boss I caught him sleeping? No, because they probably would have cancelled him from working any OT. I cut him a damn break because I knew all the deputies were tired. Maybe a week later a deputy pulled me aside and asked to talk to me alone. He told me that deputy who I caught sleeping wanted to thank me for what I did. Apparently, this deputy was thrown out of the house by his wife and was living in his car. I didn’t know any of this, but since I lived by the motto above, I felt great about my decision to cut him a break and I never caught him sleeping on duty again.

Moral of the Story

Don’t be a DICK! During stressful times be thankful for what you got even if you don’t have a lot. Treat the workers, managers, owners of all the businesses still open with compassion and love. Hate to say it folks, but this virus situation will probably get worst before it gets any better. Show more LOVE and Stay Hungry! Feel free to like and share, thank you. 

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