1000 Degrees and Frank’s Hot Sauce are Teaming Up for a Wing Challenge!

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Aloha Folks! I got permission to repost this advertisement on my blog. I find watching eating challenges to be entertaining. I’ve had a couple friends do a hot wings challenge in Ft. Lauderdale several years ago and it was funny as hell. It was funny because I was watching and not eating. My buddies were in some serious pain! One almost had to go to the hospital later in the day because his stomach was doing flip flops.

This challage is a quantity one and not a set-your-mouth-on-fire gig. If you don’t sign up to do it I highly recommend you go to watch. Grab a pizza and a drink and enjoy the entertainment. Stay Hungry!

Alright wing lovers! Loosen your belts and grab your napkins!

1000 Degrees AND Frank’s Red Hot are teaming up to bring your location the hottest WING EATING COMPETITION of the year!!

This could be you....a winner:)

This could be you….a winner:)

Sign up now (in store) to reserve your seat in this years
“King of the Wings” competition: Hosted at 1pm on January 20th, 2018!

Each winner will receive a golden ticket, giving its holder the right to redeem a YEAR of FREE PIZZA or WINGS from 1000 Degrees!! Sign up now, seats are limited. Tag a friend so they don’t miss out!!

Rules and regulations at:

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